One element of interior decoration that has been getting popular over the years is wall paneling. One often comes across wall panel covering walls from the floor level in homes. Interior decorative paneling for walls is mainly identified as wainscoting. It gives a touch of class to simply painted walls and adds an element of style to your room. Not so long ago, these were mainly used to conceal the defects on the walls caused by rising damps and to maintain their beauty. Though rising damp is no more a problem, the wainscoting still remains an important part of interior decoration with the intention of reinforcing the lower part of walls.

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With innovations and developments in the field of architecture, there have been developments in this aspect of interior decoration. It’s no more confined to use of simple wooden panels, machine pressed attractive wood paneling for walls with distinctive designs, and concrete and tile panels are getting increasingly popular. There is a wide choice of materials available and you can choose one as per your budget. Bathroom paneling is getting equally popular. Here are some ideas, should you be considering the incorporation of wall paneling in your interiors.

Paneling Material

Decorative paneling for walls is most frequently made from wood. The wood used for making panels may be hardboard, hardwood, engineered wood, MDF or plywood. Additionally, vinyl and fiberboard is also used quite often. One may use veneers or laminates to add finish to the wooden panels. Other than that, staining and polishing is also becoming popular to get natural wood finish. It gives amazing looks and a rustic feel to home decor. Panels may also be painted in choice colors to match the color of paint on walls. Of late, it’s becoming popular to use stone or tile panels and concrete panels for decorating walls of commercial and residential premises.

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Installation Styles

You can install decorative wall panels in different ways. Sizes would vary as per your plan of interior decoration. Their height can vary from one and a half foot to covering half the wall. At times, these may be used to cover the entire wall. On inspecting, you would find knotty pine paneling a must for your farm house or cottage. These can be installed to cover the wall completely. You can surely employ these for making window or door frames and pillars. Wainscoting for stairs is quite popular and looks great. If you are considering installation of wall panels that cover a complete wall or all the walls of your room, you need to make a careful choice as this kind of installation makes the room to have very prominent looks.

Panel Designs

First of all you need to decide if you would prefer to have modern or traditional wall panels. If you prefer to go for a traditional look, you can choose from wood grain finish panels, bead and board wall panels or flat plank panel designs. The advantage of plank panels is that you can install them vertically, horizontally and even diagonally, if you so desire. You may opt to have raised panel, overlay panel and designer panel. For modern-day interiors, do look into the latest designs with grill and perforated panels. The latest designs involve using perforation or miniature work and ornamental designs. Or you may consider having acoustic wall panels that have very exclusive looks. Concrete and stone panels give a grand look to your rooms while stone wall panels have elegant and gorgeous looks.

Different designs of decorative wall panels made using durable materials can surely add to the elegance of your interiors. You could also opt for wainscoting styles especially tailored to suit your taste and style. Go ahead and have beautiful panels to create a great looking space for living.