Superior Quality PVC Ceilings and Decorative Wall Panels.

Wall Jazz boasts of Optimum Weight and Thickness which is best for proper insulation and easy installation on the walls. Wall Jazz is the distributor, wholesaler and importer of PVC Sheets, PVC Wall Panels, Ceiling Panels and PVC Products in Punjab, India. We offer best PVC Wall Panel prices in India.

Wall Jazz PVC Wall Panels

Quality and Commitment!

We are committed to provide you with product that will meet highest level of quality.

Wall Jazz products range from PVC Ceilings and decorative Wall Panels which are superior in quality and can be installed anywhere at home (including kitchen and bath) or at commercial places like offices, restaurants, hotels and many more…

Wall is a reflection of your life… Jazz it up!

Jazz Up Your Walls!

Incredible Features: PVC Panels are absolutely versatile

  • Easy Installation

  • Modern & Attractive looks

  • Excellent in Style

  • No Discoloration

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Termite proof

  • Can be used in damp areas

  • Light weight & eco-Friendly

  • Economical & Perfect

  • High intensity

  • Aging and Corrosion resistant

  • Fire Resistant

  • Waterproof

  • Environment friendly

  • Affordable